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Compare a Customer Netlist and generate a PDF error report.

Netlist compare is it like the genesis / valor you can compare the customers netlist .
And then does it give a report file for the error and can you get a snap shot of the net error?

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Please view the following tutorial movie:

Here's the link to that Generated Netlist Error Report file:

Here's the notes from my tutorial:

COMPARE CUSTOMER NETLIST and Generate Snapshot Report of any errors:

1. Extract Netlist from Gerber files. Go to menu:  Tools / Nets / Netlist Extraction...

2. Import customer Netlist file.

Note:  FAB 3000 gives you a graphical view of the customer netlist.

3. Run Netlist Comparison.  Go to menu:  Tools / Nets / Netlist Compare...

Note: This command compares the customer netlist against the Gerbers.

4. If Errors are detected FAB 3000 will highlight them and you may follow along net to find the error.

The error appears to be here as there is a "missing trace connection"

5. To generate a netlist error report is as easy as pressing the PDF button.

The PDF can be shared with anyone and helps explain the results of any netlist compare error.

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