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Set Origin

What is the best way to I import a gerber layer to particular location instead of 0,0?
Or what is the best way to move a gerber layer to a particular location without having to use the mouse?
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Thanks for your questions.  By default FAB 3000 will use the coordinates in the Gerber (usually 0,0 origin).
You can use the command "Set Origin" (located in menu:  Setup / Set Origin) and pick the new place for 0,0.  Then import your Gerbers -- and repeat those two steps.

Note:  If possible could you clarify what you are ultimately wishing to solve - so I may provide you the best solution possible.  For example do you have multiple Gerber files that you wish to load in side-by-side for panelization?  If yes, FAB 3000 has some automated tools to perform that task for you.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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