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Using Dynamic Editing

My colleague noticed that his FAB3000 suddenly does not allow to stretch (move vertexes) objects in the main CAM editor view. If an object such as a rectangle is selected the normal blue squares for the four end-point vertexes are not shown and thus can not be moved. We could not find any setting to enable/disable them so can you help please?
Edit/Vertex/Move works, by the way but it's not as convenient as directly moving vertexes in the CAM view.
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Yes you should enable "Dynamic Editing" - this will allow you to move verticies, etc.  Go to menu:  Setup / Tools / Options...

Note:  To restore FAB 3000 to original settings select the "Reset..." button on the Options Dialog.

Here's a tutorial showing me load the workspace, use drag, then display all options settings that I have available.  Perhaps closely using the Options I have set will resolve the problem.  I would also recommend perhaps using the button "Reset" and let me know if that helps.

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