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During X/Y centroid generation, several of my devices were automatically defined incorrectly and need to be edited.

This morning I have run into an issue I haven't found a solution for. Several of my devices were automatically defined incorrectly and need to be edited. In some cases the rotation was wrong, in some cases part of the package wasn't picked up, in one case a 16pin DIL part was defined as two 8 pin devices.
I haven't figured out now to edit those definitions once they are in the component library. Can you give me some direction on this?
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Thanks for contacting me.  If possible could you save your FAB 3000 workspace (*.wrk) and send it to me.  It will allow me to see exactly what you're experiencing.  Also let me know what parts are giving you troubles, and I should be able to quickly have an answer.

Note:  If any component is not placed correctly you can always "delete it" and then try either of the following:
1.  Insert the component manually (menu: Assembly / Insert Component).
2.  Select pads for the component and go to "Build Components" - but instead change "Apply To:  Selection".

Note:  To delete components, turn off all Gerber layers and only expose the component layer.  From there you should be able to delete any component that FAB 3000 generated incorrectly, and add it yourself manually using (insert component).  If FAB 3000 never added a component then you can add it yourself again using (insert component).

Note:  Lastly in the future, try saving time by using Component Wizard.  After you have performed Build Components enough times you will start to build a library of footprints.  This library can be used to automate the Build Components process (see menu:  Assembly / Components Detection Wizard...)

Thanks again.


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