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Edit a Silkscreen

 In each layer I have board number silkscreen for example “PWB 1234kkk-000”
    I want to be able to delete kkk in each layer and from top and bottom layer. Final result would be “PWB 1234-000”
    I had uploaded gerber file and highlighted that text then went to edit but it like highlights partial sections of letter or highlights all with box. This is kind of hard to explain. Thought it would be as easy as highlighting text and a box would open and delete letters or number then it would update. Instead leaves space where you delete it. Do I have to find out the old text string size color then add redraw to make letters come closer? If you can please call would be much easier to explain.
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Yes, I will call in the next 45 minutes.   In the meantime, here's what is happening:

Once in Gerber all intelligence is lost -- there is no more Text objects; only individual line segments.
This would explain why you cannot just select text and delete the characters.

Please see this quick tutorial (no sound) showing me edit the text in a sample board.

Here's the notes from my tutorial:

In this sample I want to remove the -080 from the silkscreen text.  Here's the steps to take:

1. Delete Text I don't need anymore.

2. Move Rest of Text - using Select and Drag technique.  After selecting objects, move over the selected area and hold the Left-mouse button -- it will now put you in drag mode.

3. Save and Export back out to Gerber.

That's It

Note:  If all the text is stacked on top of one-another (on each layer) you can simply turn on all layers and perform this step once.

Sometimes it's better to explain visually than verbally, so please let me know if my tutorial above helped.

Best regards,
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