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I loaded my Gerber files into FAB 3000, and now when I export X,Y Centroids I get a message stating "Missing Either Top or Bottom Components layer."

I have loaded the project and tried to export the centroid xy file, but I am getting an error "Missing Either Top or Bottom Components layer. Do I assume that the components and the copper traces must be on different copper layers? That could be a problem for me.

It appears that you have loaded the Gerbers successfully, unfortunately the Gerber files themselves do not contain any information about the components -- Gerber is just geometric data without intelligence (i.e. lines, circles, arcs,). 

To generate the Centroid data you must use the command Build Components:

1.  Here's a quick tutorial showing how to generate the components:

2.  Here's a great help guide explaining the centroid file generation in detail: 

3. There are several other more detailed tutorial movies in the FAB 3000 user forum

If you require further assistance, feel free to send support the sample gerber files, and we'll be happy to demonstrate how to get it started.

Thanks again.

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Please note, the links above have been updated.
Please use this one:

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