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How do I select only objects with net names “Pwr_2324” and “Pwr_0010”?

Go to menu:   Edit > Selection > Filter
The selection filter is an extremely useful tool used for controlling the content of Objects that are selected prior to performing any modifications or queries. It can be a major time saver as it parses out Objects that do not pass certain requirement that you set.

1. Select Edit > Selection > Filter. A Selection Filter dialog box will appear.
2. Verify or Edit all Filter items. Select OK when complete.

Filter Name:
Save and reuse your selection filters. This feature drastically speeds up editing in between sessions.
Object Types:
For items with check boxes, a check means the item can be selected, removing a check means the item cannot be selected. By default all are checked.
Items here allow you to include or exclude specific Dcodes, Layers, Composite Levels, or NC Tools from being selected. Enter numbers and/or ranges separated by commas as directed in the dialog box.
Items here allow you to include specific objects for selection based from matching names. Use a semicolon ‘;’ to separate names for Nets, Shapes, Components, and Attributes.

3. Select only objects with net names “Pwr_2324” and “Pwr_0010”, enter in the Nets field: Pwr_2324; Pwr_0010

 Cool Feature - Using Wild Cards: 
To Select all objects with nets that begin with “Pwr_”, just enter in the Nets field: Pwr_

Important: The Selection Filter is only good for one command (i.e. Window, Crossing, All, etc.). If you wish to select another Crossing
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