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How to use the real PCB outline when panelizing PCB's.

When you use the tool to generate the outline of the panel, the outline seems to be based on the margin of the panel and not from the real outline based on the différent PCB borders.(theoricaly ist is the minimum square including the different PCB)) Is there a way to obtain this type of outline (based on circuit Borders) ?
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For best results you need to clearly define a PCB profile layer for each job that will be included on your panel.  The border will be a single outer line that is connected and joined as one object (if there are slots they also must be closed boundaries).  Many times we see a border layer from users but it will consist of many separate line segments (not joined together as one boundary).  FAB 3000 requires them to be connected and joined as a single object.

Fortunately FAB 3000 includes two commands to easily detect and create PCB border layers.
  1. Generate Border SelectiveMenu: Fabrication / Detect Border (Selective)...  Pick a single object on the PCB border and FAB 3000 will create a border profile.
  2. Generate Border Automatic - Menu:  Fabrication / Detect Border (Automatic)...  This feature will automatically try to detect any border on your PCB.
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