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Net Compare showing too many errors.

I have a design with a not connected pad by mistake, and the DFM check doesn't tell me anything about this. You can see that in this picture:
I tried the netlist compare, it found a lot of "errors" but not this. I attached a sample with this error.
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I believe to find that error (unconnected pad) would require Net Check.  If you have the IPC Netlist file, please import into FAB 3000 and perform a Netlist Check.

Note:  If you have any troubles, please feel free to send me any sample files and I'll be happy to create a tutorial movie showing exactly how to detect the error.


Thanks for sending the sample files.  Just as I had expected, the drill file is missing (there is a Drill/Fab drawing in Gerber format) but this is not the actual drill file (NC format) that will be used in manufacturing.  Please export a Drill file from your layout tool and then import everything into FAB 3000.

If you have any troubles, please send me the drill file and I'll create a quick 4 minute movie tutorial showing every step.
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