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Editing FAB 3000 footprints. Is there a way to manage the footprint library?

My questions are in regards to the footprint library (component library). It's the library that contains the parts that bare built on the "components layer" in FAB3000.
I would like to be able to rename, delete unwanted or unsed parts, change pin 1 (if needed) or create a new library. In our CAD software (Altium Designer) we can open any part, component, footprint library and edit the parts within. I am hoping I can do similar things with FAB3000. If I can't the library could get messy.
 Thank You for any input you can give me.

Currently there is no easy way to manage the footprint library as you have requested (i.e. rename, delete unwanted parts, etc.).  We already decided to update FAB 3000 and include those library management features you requested.  The update will be available next week and I'll be sure to contact you when it's ready for download.

Note:   If interested here's the "hack" method...  All Footprints are stored in the FAB 3000 folder Footprints (i.e  C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000V7\Footprints).  You can easily open that file in any text editor and rename, delete, etc.  Our update will include a clean GUI method to accomplish those tasks.

Where was this functionality implemented?

Is there a way to host the footprint library on the network so it is shared between licenses?

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