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Is there any other option how to export an job from a workspace and import it to some other (to do a comparison)?

Yes use the internal FAB 3000 Clipboard instead of exporting a particular Job to ODB++ (or Gerber) and then importing back to your workspace.   Please view the following tutorial movie below:

Using Internal FAB 3000 - Clipboard

1.  Select Objects to copy to clipboard.

2.  Go to menu:  Edit / Clipboard / Copy to Clipboard

3.  Select Anchor Point  (i.e. the orgin used for selected objects).

Note:  If you wish to use "Compare Jobs", then select "Origin" for the Anchor point.  This ensures the origin will remain the same between jobs when performing compare.

4.  Now I create a new job and paste those objects in the new job...

Note:  Make sure to choose 0,0 to keep origin the same.

I purposely made some changes so that I may now perform compare Jobs...
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