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Errorneous import of gerber from Altium

We are having difficulties importing Gerber file into FAB 3000 after our latest Altium update.
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Thanks again for supplying the sample Gerber file.  We have corrected the import problem for your supplied Gerber file, and will have FAB 3000 V7.2 available shortly.

The reason the "rectangles" was the additional "D02*"
D02*         <----------- Additional D02* was the cause for the rectangle

Here's what FAB 3000 did:
D02 essentially tells FAB 3000 to stop and create a polygon using existing the points in the queue; and then add point X8026, Y33870 to a new queue to begin an additional polygon.  Then the polygon terminates with "G37*" however there was one point still in the queue from the D02*. Whenever there is one point still in the queue, a flash must at least be added using the current Dcode.  The current Dcode was 10 (by default) so that is why a rectangle flash using Dcode 10 was placed at that location and the point queue was cleared.
Note: Not sure of the purpose why the "D02*" was added inside the Polygon because G37* automatically tells FAB 3000 to close and create the polygon.  ("D02*" should only be used inside G36/G37 to create additional internal polygons within the same block).

Here's what was fixed:
Empty D02* within G36/G37 polygons will now be ignored if there is no additional internal polygon following it.  Now your file loads perfectly  - see tutorial movie:

Thanks again for sending the sample file, and I'll contact you when the update is available.

Best regards,
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