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How do I create a 3D format of the PCB with main components to STL or STEP

Generally I am a designer of the electronic part, but sometime I need to help another designer which create plastic housing. For better way he need 3D format of the PCB with main components. I am an user of the DesignSpark application powered by SpaceClaim and to import 3D model of the PCB I need STL or STEP format.
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I created a quick tutorial showing me output a PCB in STL format and load into an STL viewer.

Note#1 :  All FAB 3000 needs is a "border" layer to generate the PCB outline.  In the tutorial I used the command "generate border layer", and created a border layer by just selecting one edge on the border.

Note#2: The primary problem is the component "height" and (other details) are not included in your workspace, so FAB 3000 has no idea what component heights should be used.  The best situation is to have a complete data file (like ODB++), where FAB 3000 can automatically generate the PCB board outline along with components -- see tutorial movie:

Do you have a BOM file or X/Y centroid file with component heights?  Was the PCB board created in DesignSpark?

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.
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