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DWG Scaling?

Could you let me know where you check the entities are scaled in "inches"which is very confusing?Based on example given,I have re-measure the horizontal dimension in autocad,it states 133.35mm,no abnormality found. Thanks for your patience to guide me very well.

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The DWG file format by definition is unitless (i.e. it has "no units" associated with it).   You must perform either:  (A) Get the engineer who created the DWG to provide you with the units & scale or (B) Use a CAD tool to measure the DWG entities and determine the "modelspace" units to use.  I typically recommend option (B), and measure the objects myself in a CAD tool before starting the conversion.

Note:  The DWG you sent me appeared to be drawn in "inches" (for modelspace), the dimensions are in millimeter, and then scaled to a different size for PaperSpace viewport -- which I agree is very confusing.  The engineer who created the sample DWG file made made things very confusing by placing paperspace and modelspace entities "on the same layer", and then used different units/scale between both spaces.
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