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Can FAB 3000 compare one gerber file to another gerber file? And pin point any changes from one to the other?

Yes.  FAB 3000 can easily compare differences between files and between entire gerber jobs.  See below for a tutorial showing how to compare between layers.

Actual Text from the tutorial movie:
  1. Import Gerber files. Now I will load my second set of gerber files, in the same job.. because I am only comparing Layers in this tutorial.

  2. Start Compare Layers.
  3. Verify Both Layers which will be used in the compare.
  4. Verify Compare method Blend or XOR. Blend is the easiest for Viewing.  XOR is best for singling out differences.
  5. Select "Perform Physical Comparison Check".  This will also generate errors that can be used to pinpoint any differences.  Without checking this option you will only be able to view the differences.
  6. Press OK to begin

    As you see compare has found 4 differences...

    I can export these differences to a new layer and then export to Gerber to load into my Layout tool...I can also generate an error report drawing... and I can also create a PDF of the differences...

    I will perform all three options now.

    Lastly, I can export my Error Drawing to Gerber or any other format that FAB 3000 supports...
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