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I’m trying to import an RS274-D gerber. I load in my aperture file (Tango II).

I’m trying to import an RS274-D gerber. I load in my aperture file (Tango II). I check the Apertures and they’re all there. Then I load in the gerber file and it says that all my Apertures are missing. When I look at the apertures, they are indeed gone. What’s going on Here?

Thanks for your question.  This is a common question as 274D gerber files are less used nowadays (due to being phased out for the past 15 years by 274X embedded gerber files - where the aperture list is embedded inside each gerber file).  See the following forum link for more details:

Note: FAB 3000 includes about 50 Aperture rule templates plus several default Tango aperture templates; however it appears that FAB 3000 does not have the specific template to import your Tango II aperture files.  Please keep in mind that back in the 90's with each update of their layout software, there may have been slight format changes to their Aperture list file.  In many cases a slight modification of an exiting FAB 3000 aperture template will resolve the problem, and in some cases a new Aperture Template is require. 

Feel free to send me your aperture list file, and I'll be happy to take a look.

Thanks for sending the Tango aperture file.  I was able to import the aperture file using the Aperture Rule: "Tango 3" which is shipped with FAB 3000.

I believe the problem was most Tango aperture files end with the extension ".rep" (example xxxxxx.rep), for some reason your sample aperture list ended with extension ".apt" (which I haven't noticed before).  In any case all you need to do is the following:

1.  Easiest solution.  Rename your apeture file to end with extension "rep" instead of "apt".  So it will be "BDI-2.rep" instead of "BDI-2.apt"

2.  If you have many similar TANGO gerbers with aperture files using extension ".apt", just modify the Aperture Rule in FAB 3000.  To change the extension, please perform the following:
A. Start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  Setup | Aperture Rules Editor.
B. Select the Aperture Rule pull-down and choose "Tango 3"
C. In the extension box, change to APT instead or REP, and press OK.
That's it, you should be able to successfully use "AutoLoad" and FAB 3000 will instantly detect the aperture files.

If you have any questions or problems, send me the gerber files you have and I'll create a tutorial movie showing me import your files and have the apertures created automatically.
Please note, the above link has been updated. Please use the link below.

The aperture list will not auto-read in, anything you can do about that?


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