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I'm having trouble running "Apply External Netlist"

I'm having trouble running "Apply External Netlist" - can't seem to get the menu to highlight or be active under Tools > Apply External Netlist.

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When FAB 3000 is extracting a netlist from Gerber (unintelligent data) it uses default internal names for each net.  The customer may be interested in assigning the net names used in their layout  tool in FAB 3000 -- to help them better familiarize their design while in FAB 3000.  To perform this command, an external netlist file must first be imported, and then those commands will be activated.  Here's a quick tutorial link showing me load the Gerbers, extract a netlist, and then use Apply to update the names.

Note:  The purpose of Net Compare check is to verify whether the PCB design has been constructed correctly (per the netlist definition); and to verify the PCB layout tool has generated the Gerber files correctly (Gerber is a very loosely defined format from the 80's and over the years there are many ambiguities built into the format -- similar to the problems HTML format went though -- where certain browsers would load the HTML files differently).  Netlist compare is used to verify 100% that the Gerber files have been successfully outputted from PCB Layout and imported into CAM software...

 If there are any differences netlist compare errors will be highlighted, and the Designer must go back to the locations pinpointed by FAB 3000 to re-verify their layout.
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