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Building Components I'm having trouble trying to designate the proper layers as "top" and "silkscreen".

I'm having trouble trying to designate the proper layers as "top" and "silkscreen". Further, I'm not sure I'm selecting the right objects within their proper layer. I keep receiving the warning "Selected Pads must be on a defined paster or mask layer. Please define layer types and then proceed"

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The Pads used to create footprints must be flashed and exist on a Layer defined as Mask Top, Mask Bottom, Paste Top, or Paste Bottom.  Please see this quick tutorial movie of me generating footprints and then using the Footprint browser. (see below for a copy of my notes from the tutorial)


Generate Centroid - Build Component

1. Turn on Paste or Mask layer (Paste preferred).
Note:  If Paste Layer is not defined you must instruct FAB 3000, by going to the Layers Table..

2  Select Pads - FAB 3000 will try to guess Pin #1, you may select a different pad for pin #1, or right click to accept.

Why is Pin#1 needed? It helps orient the placement of the component. Here's an awesome article explaining the centroid file and more.

3. Verify options... and press OK.

Note:  You'll see that FAB 3000 detects all similiar component footprints (if you check the option Apply all).

4. Repeat for all remaining components...

5. Review Footprint browser (just to see what's in it).

Note:  In the footprint browser you may load external libraries (containing footprints) or make modifications here...  In this tutorial it is not needed to make any mods..


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