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How to Panelize Gerbers from Eagle PCB?

Here we use Eagle software for schematic & layout purpose.
I have created gerber in Eagle.
I want to do panel of 3X3 with 3mm distance between 2 PCBs & between panelborder-PCB.
As first time I am using FAB3000, I am having problem with:
1. Set origin
2. Change grid with inches to mm.
3. Panel border
4. Set distance 3mm between PCBs
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Please see my tutorial link below showing 3 different methods to panelize PCB's in FAB 3000.

Here's my notes from that tutorial movie:

A) Simple Panel Method - Using Array

1. ADjust Units to Millimeter
2. Adjust Grid to 1 MM.
3. I will add 3mm to DX and DY for spacing using ARRAY.

Note: Actually you require 3X3 so, I'll undo and repeat.

4. I can set the origin to any corner to assign 0,0.  I used object snap.
5. Export Gerber and Drill using "Export PCB"

That's it your Done!  Just go to that folder, and send your
new Gerber and Drills!

I am going to show how to use the Panel Wizard..

B) Using Panel Wizard
1. Create a Panel.
2. I just enter the # of PCB's I want. In this case 9
Note:  Add the Spacing between PCB's in the Job Spacing..

3. I can also automatically other cool options like Score lines and routing between the PCB (if needed).

You can select any of the following Panels that FAB 3000 has created.

Note:  Now you have a Panel created which includes 3mm spacing plus score lines (to snap boards out of panel), plus outline layer.

4. Simply export.
Repeat Same Steps as before for exporting...

C) Using Panel Wizard - Advanced (Combining multiple PCB designs into a Panel to save $$ on manufacturing).

1. Lets say for example that you want 9 of the first PCB design and 3 other the other.  Panel Wizard will optimize your designs and find a panel that suites your requirements and merge the PCB data togeter.

2. Synchronize Layers.  This basically combines Top Layer from one PCB with the Top Layer from another PCB, Bottom with bottom, etc.

3. Simply export.
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