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Here is the problem: we are contracting a Chinese FPC design/fab company to design/fab a flex board. They sent us PDF’s but are essentially refusing to supply gerbers (they seem to think they are their property by default). I need to measure things in it now and have long experience with DXF files. So, if your SW can make a vector DXF so I can snap to objects (as opposed to raster pixels), I am golden. I can scale things because I know some absolute differences, if the xlation is not scale. The attached PDF is the primary one.
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Thanks for contacting me.  Yes, it is Simon from CAMtastic. I wrote CAMtastic while I was in college, and I sincerely appreciate people who remember me from those days.  FAB 3000 is our next generation CAM tool, and I am positive it will work very well for you.

Please see my my tutorial (no sound), showing how to import the PDF and export to Gerber using.  You could also export to DXF, but I believe Gerber is what you ultimately require.  IF DXF is required, than after importing the PDF, go to menu:  File | Export | DXF... and assign necessary options.

Note:   One of the key components to making Postscript & PDF import work is Ghostscript, an excellent & freely available Postscript interpreter.  Please may sure you review "STEP 2" in the document I wrote explaining how to perform PDF conversions.

Please let me know your results, and I'll be happy to assist you with any additional questions.  We appreciate your business.
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