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The netlist extraction does not appear correct when I have 2 Blind Drill files.

When I loaded your workspace, I believe the Blind/Buried Drill files may not have been set up correctly.  For example both Blind/Buried drill layers "nc_drill_BLIND_L1-L10.drl" "nc_drill_BLIND_L11-L20.drl", did not have the correct layers associated with them.  I went to the menu:  Setup | Blind/Buried..., and assigned metal layers 1-10 (for the first drill), and layers 11-20 (for the second drill file). 

Once I did that there was No Net Compare Errors when I ran the check.  See my quick tutorial movie below: 
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Thank you Simon! I figured I was missing something. I only assigned the drill layer type to blind/buried and did not do the other setup.
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