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Attached you will find two gerber files that can be imported but when you try to export them as gerber files it will give an exception error.

The reason for the exception during gerber export, is that your original Gerber files both contain an "empty" custom aperture definition ("A1cs", "A1ss") and then have several flashed pads which reference those empty apertures (for example coordinates: 0.58819, 0.87402).  FAB 3000 also displays a warning during import about those "empty" custom aperture definitions.  We could make FAB 3000 ignore those empty apertures (as other CAM tools appear to do), however I feel that could be dangerous - especially since there are Flashed Pads on your gerber files that reference the "Empty Custom Aperture".

The easiest solution is to just re-output new Gerber files from CAD (making sure those empty pads are no there) or delete them in FAB 3000 before exporting.  Here's a quick tutorial movie showing how to get this done: 

This way you are assured that you have precise Gerber files when exporting.

Thanks again and please feel free to contact me with any other technical questions or comments.  

Best regards,
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