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Print to PDF (up to E size)

Print to PDF (up to E size)
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[QUOTE]Print to PDF (up to E size)

The help file says that if a layers attribute is set to 'mirr' then - Assign a mirror attribute for this layer. Mirror will take effect on output.

This does not appear to work - output is always as displayed.

The help file says that if a layers attribute is set to 'neg' then - Assign a negative polarity on output for this layer.

This layer is negative on output BUT display is also negative (making it difficult to view!)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your questions.

1.  The Mirror effect takes place when exporting manufacturing data like Gerber & ODB++.  Not for print.  Print to PDF will simply output what is displayed.

Note:  I'm not sure what your exact intention of the PDF is for(ie.  check plots or something else), but many users will use the command "Film Wizard".   This will allow you to define what layers you want mirrored/negative, and then FILM Wizard will actually create new layers with those attributes.  It was originally meant for photo-plotters who were interested in combining multiple gerber files onto one large piece of film and then cut the separate pieces afterwards (so they could save money by plotting one film instead of multiple smaller plots).  Here's the link to the help manual:

Here's a quick Tutorial movie showing me use Film Wizard(no sound):

Note:  You can assign a smaller film size and 1 image per film (so their is one image on each resulting layer).

Note: There is another new feature called View Backside (menu:  View | Backside) which forces FAB 3000 to view your design from the reverse side.  You can set View Backside, then plot to show Mirror.

2.  Negative just makes the entire layer opposite polarity.  If you wish to confine the negative image around a "confined border" try using the Film Wizard or Create a composite layer.  Here's a quick tutorial showing me converting a layer to negative.

Note:  Build Composite works even better.  Just create your Rectangle on one layer, and then go to menu: Tools | Composite Layers | Build Composite, and create your composite.  Rectangle layer is dark, and other layer set to clear.

Best regards,
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