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Create FAB Drawing..

Create FAB Drawing..
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[QUOTE]Ok I got it to create the fab drawing, but when I go to export the drawing I need to close the FAB3000 V6 and reopen it and the workspace and then it allows me to export the DXF file. The first time I tried it is said it created the DXF file and get no errors, but when I go to the folder there is no DXF files. Wired...

We have Version 6.6.1 [/QUOTE]

Thanks for your feedback.  Unfortunately I don't know what is causing that behavior on your system (and I cannot duplicate it here), as you should just be able to export the DXF. 

1.  I would recommend perhaps you download the latest version and see if that resolves the problem. Sometimes it's as simple as a fresh re-install to resolve any weird behavior.

2.  For best results, choose a folder path that does not contain UNICODE characters (ASCII only), has write permission, and is less than 256 characters.

3. During DXF export, I would recommend these settings so everything is 0-width (typical for most DXF FAB drawings).

Let me know your results.
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