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Add Text, plus Modify Text on the Silkscreen.

I opened the Rev F silk screen layer. I was able to add our logo per File | Import | Image.
Now I am having problems with Add | Text. I am not getting the Add Text dialog box per the instructions.
I do get a dialog box if I select Add | Multi-Line text, but nothing appears on my screen after clicking OK.
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Thanks for your questions.  Please see below for my response:

1. Multiline Text:
Go to menu:  Add / Multi-Line Text.  To use multi-line text first you'll need to define the "bounding box" used for the text, by selecting two points.  Afterwards, the multiline dialog will appear and you can then enter the text string value & control the font.  Here's a tutorial movie:

2.  Add Text:
Go to menu:  Add / Text.  To use Text, you'll need to enter the text string then choose the location for the text.  See tutorial movie:
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