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Ghostscript Not Installed Correctly for FAB 3000?

Ghostscript Not Installed Correctly for FAB 3000?
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Every time I want to import a Postscript/PDF file into FAB 3000, it gets to 15% and then says:
FATAL: Unable to parse Postscript/PDF file:
FATAL: Verify if the Ghostscript interpreter is installed correctly.
FATAL: Translation Failed.

Can you please help me?

Thanks for your question.  Please perform the following:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of FAB 3000. 
Why?  We're continuously improving FAB 3000 and have made many improvements on how FAB 3000 finds and links to Ghostscript.  Chances are if you're using an older version pre-November 2012, it may be the problem.

2.  We strongly encourage you to install the older Ghostscript 7.04 AFPL version. 
Why?  This was one of the most stable releases and also includes fonts.  It has worked well for many years.  You can download from the following link:

3. Make sure you tell FAB 3000 where to find Ghostscript.
Why?  Typically FAB 3000 will first search the System Registry for the Ghostscript DLL, however many systems & installations are setup different; so relying on FAB 3000 to find Ghostscript can cause inconsistencies.  Your best bet (before performing the Postscript/PDF Import), is to start FAB 3000 and go to the menu:  Setup | Options...   Go to the tab "Misc." and enter the location of the "Ghostscript DLL".
ex.  C:\gs\gs7.04\bin\gsdll32.dll


If you are still getting messages that FAB 3000 cannot find Ghostscript, try the following:

1.  Make sure you have installed the 32-bit version of Ghostscript and not the 64-bit Ghostscript. 
Why? Even though you may have a 64-bit computer, FAB 3000 uses the 32-bit version of Ghostscript.  Thus the 64-bit version of Ghostscript will not work.

2.  Try selecting the Ghostscript command-line executable instead of the DLL. 
Why?  FAB 3000 can handle both the DLL and EXE version of Ghostscript.  In some cases, the EXE works better than the DLL.  Go to the menu:  Setup | Options...   Go to the tab "Misc." and enter the location of the "Ghostscript DLL".
ex.  C:\gs\gs7.04\bin\gsdll32.exe

3. Make use of Environment Variable "PS". 
Why?  When FAB 3000 still cannot find Ghostscript, FAB 3000 will search for the environment variable:  PS   All you do is go to the Windows System Settings, press button Advanced and add the "Environment Variable".  See tutorial movie below:

Note:  Don't forget you need to restart your computer for the system variable to take effect.
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