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I am having problems getting FAB 3000 to locate Ghostscript.

FAB 3000 relies on the external tool Ghostscript.  The problem is that it's not being recognized by FAB 3000 and that's what's causing the problem.  Unfortunately it is not easy of me to determine why it cannot find Ghostscript on your system (it works fine on all our test systems here, and there are many users who have successfully implemented the Ghostscript link).


Ghostscript is installed in the correct place.  Please make sure that you point the Ghostscript DLL setting in FAB 3000 to your folder.  See my screen capture link:


Unfortunately there's not much I can do here about the connection between FAB and Ghostscript.  I can assure you it's worked on at least a thousand computers over the past 4 years (without any problems) so it definitely has to be something specific that is causing the problem.  There are so many variables that could be the problem and each user sets up their computers differently, so it's difficult for me to determine the cause.

Note: Since Ghostscript is a 3rd party library whose GNU license doesn't allow for software developers like us to just embed it within our distributions (which would ensure that FAB finds Ghostscript every time), the end-user must install Ghostscript separately.  

FAB 3000 first searches the "system registry" for variables indicating where Ghostscript settings are stored; then it searches for typical folders where Ghostscript is installed; lastly if all else fails it will rely on the user to enter the location where they have installed Ghostscript (using the FAB 3000 options dialog).  95% of users don't need to do anything as FAB usually finds Ghostscript in the registry or the typical installation folder.   

At this point I would just recommend that you uninstall Ghostscript and FAB, and then re-install both.  

If there are still problems, here are a few suggestions:

Suggestion 1:
Try installing FAB & Ghostscript on another computer (like laptop or home computer) and see if it works there.  This would at least allow you to see whether the problem exists on another system, and if successful give you an opportunity to maybe compare what's different from your work computer... we can provide you with a trial license key if necessary for the other computer.

Suggestion 2:
Try ACE 3000.  It's setup very similar to FAB 3000 but it is a completely different tool specializing in converting data.  Maybe you'll have better success with that release.

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