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I want to print a PDF from my CAD tool, and then convert the PDF to Gerber/Drill. How do I do this with FAB 3000?

It's always better to use the Gerber and Drill files generated from your CAD tool, however if you only have a PDF/Postscript file, than perform the following:
Make sure the PDF generated is quality or else it will result in bad/useless gerber files. Nitro PDF works very well when printing out to PDF from a CAD tool. Here's the link to a PDF of a board generated with Nitro so you can see the quality of the Pads and Text, compared to the PDF you sent me:
Here's a movie tutorial showing how to convert Gerber/Drill from a PDF (no sound):

Note: I would probably use File | Export | PCB..., because it exports Gerbers and Drill at the same time.
Here's a tutorial about using FAB 3000 to merge multiple PCB's onto a panel:

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