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Convert Gerber to ODB++

I have a vendor asking for an ODB++ file. This seems hard to do, but I can create gerber files, So a gerber to ODB++ conversion may work. Can the FAB 3000 do this?
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Yes, this is possible with FAB 3000 and typically can be achieved in a few minutes.

Here's the 5 steps, and I'll then provide a complete demonstration tutorial movie:

1.  Import Gerber/Drill/Netlist file using AutoLoad (menu: File / Import / AutoLoad...) Assign Layer Types (if not already detected by FAB 3000).

Note:  Typically the netlist already contains the Components information, so XY file are not needed.  If you do wish to import an XY centroid file and use it, here's a dedicated forum post to that task:

2.  Do you wish to have have components? If yes, here's how to generate from Netlist file:

3.  Do you wish to have Nets in the ODB++?  If yes than perform the following to extract netlist from the Gerbers (which do not have any net info): 

4. Export ODB++ file. Go to menu:  File / Export / ODB++, and select the location where you wish to save the ODB++.

I am importing a sample set of Gerber files, Drill file, and IPC netlist file.  Performing the steps above, and then export to ODB++.  Lastly I use the Valor ODB++ Viewer for visual verification.

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

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