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Not sure about the other layers, but G5 does not display correctly.

Imported set of gerbers. Not sure about the other layers, but G5 does not display correctly. I looks the same as another layer, but can see traces highlighting that are not visible. I imported G5 on it's own and the display was totally different. It also came up with a FATAL Error message: Unable to parse file.

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Thanks again for sending the sample gerber files, I wouldn't have been able to solve the problem with out them.  I wrote a long explanation of the problem, so you can always skip to #3 for the solution  

1. Fire9000 Gerber file which are actually outputted incorrectly.  However the job of any Gerber Importing software is being able to interpret what the gerber files are "supposed" to look like and perform that for the user (even if the literal definition of the gerber file states otherwise).

2. Each Gerber file has a "NEXT" flag in the header, which means that it needs to "merge" with another gerber file (located in that same folder).  Here's a sample in the Gerber file header for file "G5.pho":

G04%NEXT=="1";%*                  <--------- Right Here it is stating to merge the next gerber file "1"
G04%NFLG=MERGE;%*            <--------/

3. We have created a new Option in FAB 3000 called:   "Ignore 'NEXT' Flag (Fire9000)"  This will ignore the ability to merge Fire9000 gerber files (even though it is stated in the header).

Please see this tutorial movie showing me assign the settings:
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