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Generate polygons?

The reason we wanted to evaluate FAB3000 is that we have issues with the software of our milling machine which often fails to import gerber files and we hoped that we can solve this by 'manipilating' the gerbers. WE hoped when we reduce the size of the files e.g. by converting filled areas to polygons we would get usable results.. FAB3000 does an excellent job at import, but how can we generate polygons?

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FAB 3000 has the ability to drastically decrease the size of the outputted gerber file.  The command is called "Convert to Polygons", and all you need to do is select all objects that make up the "filled areas", and then go to menu:  Tools | Convert to | Polygons.

FAB 3000 will automatically generate just the outlines (using polygons) and eliminate all filled area entities.  We also have the ability to customize the Gerber output to suite your specific milling machine.

If you're interested, we'd be happy to provide a tutorial.
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