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My .dxf has many filled features, but when I import it into fab3000 none of them are filled.

Also, when importing the line widths are not maintained so the actual size of every feature is slightly different than the .dxf. I have been opening fab3000 then click the .dxf icon for import and I have tried changing settings, but cant seem to get it to mirror the .dxf. Is there another way to do this? Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

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On your DXF you still have the lines behind the "Hatch" objects (for example each little diamond actually has five entities: one hatch and 4 lines).  AutoCAD lets you draw 0-width lines, however in gerber data format (and everything else in real-life) there is no such thing as a zero width line; thus every entity in your DXF must has some width assigned.  When FAB 3000 sees a 0-width entities that is not part of a filled boundary it assigns the width from the DXF Import option "Default Line Width".

In your DXF, delete all the line entities and just leave the "Filled Hatches" - since this seems to be all you want.  Here's a tutorial movie:

Note:  I noticed little "squares" placed at corners of your DXF patterns so I looked closer at the DXF and noticed that there were "POINT" entities defined at those locations.  For best results delete those POINTS in your DXF so they don't appear in the conversion or else you many delete them in FAB 3000 before exporting to gerber.

Here are some other suggestions you may want to try:

2. Or during DXF Import configuration, select the tab "Options" and goto "Hatch Mode" and select "Import Hatches Only".

3. Or delete the hatches and just use your original lines.  Make sure to use the DXF Import Layer Options "join" and "DeEmbed".

Note:  For best results, don't use Line segments and instead use "0-width closed polylines" - FAB 3000 will automatically fill these boundaries.
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