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Problem with a GDS-II file import to FAB3000.

I wonder if you can help us. I tried to import this small GDS-II file but FAB3000 gives me errors. The file contains pad drawings of a MMIC chip.

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Thank you for contacting us and sending a sample GDSII file.

The problem occurs because FAB 3000 is very particular about cell names and will not allow characters like: '.[]$#&^*/+

The cell name in your GDSII file"M62_T$$207169580", which contains the character $

The reason for the limitation is that FAB 3000 is compatible with other OS platforms like Linux; while these characters are fine for Windows they do cause problems on Linux.  We have resolved this problem by allowing these characters on Windows (not Linux) should .  Next Wednesday, we will have a new update of FAB 3000 available which contains this fix -- and you may download it directly from our website.

Note:  In the meantime if you can eliminate any of those characters from your GDSII, FAB 3000 will load those GDSII fine.
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