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FAB 3000 Matrix to automatically panelize from a single import.

I would recommend you use the FAB 3000 Matrix file. This feature will allow you to create a template file that FAB 3000 will use to:
  1. Automatically Import all gerber and Drill files for your PCB (or multiple PCB's) into FAB 3000. 
  2. Automatically create the Panel you require and place all PCB's into the Panel. 
Then all you need to do is review the Panel and Export.
For more information about the FAB 3000 matrix file, I would first recommend that you try out the sample FAB 3000 Matrix file called "panel.fm6" (located in the FAB 3000 examples folder). See tutorial movie:
Then open the Import Matrix file in a text editor (like NotePad.exe or inside FAB 3000) and view how it is configured & arranged.
Lastly go to the FAB 3000 Help Manual, and go to the section about the "FAB 3000 Import Matrix file" definitions which explains each feature of the Matrix file. You can also search the FAB 3000 support forum or ask us directly for any assistance.  In my opinion, the FAB 3000 matrix file will allow you to automatically build customized Panels that match your AutoCAD DXF templates. This would be the best solution moving forward.
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