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We are having some problems importing any DWG file.

We are having some problems converting anything from a DWG file. Usually we use DXF and havent had a problem but after attempting to convert from DWG we get a message stating "Unable to process DWG".   Is this a known problem? and is it easy to rectify?
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FAB 3000 uses an active X control for all DWG conversions. If FAB 3000 is unable to convert DWG's on your system, it means the active X control is unregistered.  Usually this is handled by the FAB 3000 installer when you first install FAB 3000.

IMPORTANT: Before installing FAB 3000 we recommend that you first uninstall any previous version of FAB 3000 (to avoid any conflicts with the older ActiveX DLL's).  Typically the installer will handle everything for you.  If after the installation of FAB 3000 there is still a problem with the DWG export please perform the following to register the ActiveConverter.dll: 


  1. Start the Command Prompt (Go to: Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt) 
  2. Type following two lines in the command prompt:  cd C:\Program Files\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000\bin regsvr32 ActiveConverter.dll 
  3. You should get a message box stating OK. 
  4. Now use FAB 3000 and see if everything works fine.

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