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Gerber file missing features.

Perhaps you can help. I am having problems with the attached gerber file. I am actually having trouble with 6 of them, but the attached is a perfect example to start with.
1. The gerber file is attached.
2. The “What I am getting” pdf file is…what I am getting when I import it into FAB3000.
3. The “Actual Pattern” pdf file is what I am supposed to be getting and comes from a customer provided pdf.
I have already received a second gerber file from the customer, but I get the same result. Please let me know if I am missing something or not importing it correctly.

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Thanks for sending the sample file.  The Gerber you have is an "RS-274D" formatted gerber file.  This is the "old-style" gerber file where you need to manually enter-in the apertures.  Most likely you should have received an "Aperture List" file that can be found with your gerbers.  So all you need to do is import the Gerber files, and then goto menu:  Setup | Apertures... and then enter each aperture into the file.

Typically since the 90's very few people use this older style gerber -- nowadays the apertures are embedded inside the gerber files (so you don't need to perform these extra steps).
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