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How can I increase the redraw speed?

I have a 11"x18", 18 layer, with 2 backdrill layers and 2 gold plate layers PCB. The Gerbers are in 274x format. The outer layers are quite large files, presumably since they have GND pours (14MB). The other layers ranged from less than 1MB to about 11MB. It loads fine, however the refresh seems slow. How can I increase the redraw speed?

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I would suggest the FAB 3000 "Screen Pixel Optimization" is the culprit here.  If possible please perform the following and let me know it resolves your issues:

1. Go to menu:  Setup | Options...
2. Make sure tab "View" is active and look for the option "Screen Pixel Optimization".  Change that value to "Manual".  
3.  Then for the next option: "Level of Detail" choose 1 or 0.  See my screen capture below:

Note:  The Level of Detail tells FAB 3000 to ignore (i.e. don't draw) objects on your screen if they are less than X pixel.  Setting to 1 or 2 is usually a very good value.  Setting to 0 allows FAB 3000 to draw everything all the time (no matter how small), which may slow down the rendering. I would suggestion trying different values here and see what results you get.

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