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Does ACE have an accuracy set up for Gerber export?

Does ACE have an accuracy set up for Gerber export?

Thanks for all of your answers. A few more questions.
As I mentioned in my last post. I sent out my test Gerber file to my vendor and I have the film back and I checked a few dimensions. The measurements seem to be slightly on the minus side. I had a Ø.152 and it measured Ø.1517, a line width of .006 measured .0059. Does ACE have an accuracy set up?

Most photoplots are outputted to 1/4 mil (0.00025") accuracy; some photo plotting services can output files to 1/16 mil (0.0000625") or higher, but the plots will be more expensive.  To be honest this would be more related to the photo plotting service itself, except for the following two Gerber reasons:

1. The Gerber data states the line width is 0.0059 (and not 0.006).  You can query any trace to get the width.

2. When you export gerber files, make sure to use a "Decimal Accuracy" of 4 places or higher (6 decimal places is the highest accuracy). Please see the link from the ACE forum:

Please note, the above link has been updated. Please use the links below.

What would be the difference in the following: Gerber digits (integer.decimal) 3.4 and 3.5 and 4.6 ?

I then exported the gerbers using units "Inch", and the "Decimal Digits" of "1". Now when I reload the gerbers they look wrong. What happened?


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