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I then exported the gerbers using units "Inch", and the "Decimal Digits" of "1". Now when I reload the gerbers they look wrong. What happened?

If you selected to export the Gerbers with a "Decimal Digit" of "1".  This means that the accuracy of your gerber files is only to 1 decimal place (i.e 1/10th inch), and your gerber files coordinates will be rounded down.

For example, if a coordinate in your gerber file was meant to be 2.24 inches, it would be rounded to 1 decimal place of accuracy, resulting in  2.2 inch.
Note:   This is typically the case when you view your resulting gerbers in a "gerber viewer" and see many weird geometries. 

Solution:  Simply export your gerbers with at least 4 "decimal digits" and you should be fine.
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