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Does FAB 3000 - Export Gerber RS274x from ODB++?

Does FAB 3000 - Export Gerber RS274x from ODB++?
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Does FAB 3000 - Export Gerber RS274x from ODB++?

Yes, FAB 3000 can export RS274x from ODB++. To do so, please perform the following:

1. Start FAB 3000, and go to menu: File | Import | ODB++
2. Select the ODB++ files, and click button "Next".

-- The ODB++ file will be imported into FAB 3000.  You may view, edit, or anything else you require at this stage.

3. Go to menu:  File | Export | Gerber
4. Review options, and click Next...
5. Select the folder you wish to output your gerbers, and FAB 3000 will start exporting your gerber files.

I have created a sample movie showing you exactly how to perform this feature.

Note: FAB 3000 also allows you individually select certain ODB++ steps and/or layers that you want to import, so instead of having to load the entire ODB++ file you can just pick what steps/layers that you want to view, edit, or convert.

Note: Most ODB++ files contain complex Surfaces with Holes, that are not directly support by Gerber.  FAB 3000 easily flattens and converts these complex surfaces with holes into simple polygons which may be easily exported to gerber (and it's more compatible with other CAM/Gerber software tools).
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