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Trouble with text

Trouble with text
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I tried to add text to a layer today and after going through the motions, nothing happened. I used the default settings for everything. There is a thick bar if I zoom out but when I zoom in, nothing is there.

When zoomed far away text will display as a rectangle (improves graphic performance when there is a lot of text).  I am not sure why the text would disappear unless the following:

1.  When text was added, there was a composite level (that was non-zero).  This would mean that the text is meant to be clear (i.e scratched).  To verify this, simply select the rectangle box of the text (when zoomed far out), and view in the status bar or click the Properties... (menu:  Edit | Properties...).  If the composite level is an odd number this would be the reason.  You can also turn off the Fill (menu:  View | Fill | Stick ) to verify this also.

2. If it still seems like something is wrong, feel free to email us the workspace and we'll take a look and let you know exactly why.

3. You can also explode the text into line segments. (Select text and go to menu:  Edit | Explode | Text...)

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