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Does FAB 3000 perform Comparison between Gerber Files?

Does FAB 3000 perform Comparison between Gerber Files?
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Does FAB 3000 perform Comparison between Gerber Files?

Yes, FAB 3000 can perform comparisons between Gerber files using either "Graphical" or "Physical".

1. Using Graphical Comparison, the differences will quickly appear on your screen only.
Pros:  This saves time because no complex processing is required.
Cons:  It can be easier to miss "small" differences in certain areas, unless you zoom into the region for closer inspection.

Here's a sample movie showing how to perform graphical comparison

2. FAB 3000 also has the ability to "physically" find the differences between layers by using the Boolean Engine.  Essientially FAB 3000 will create a new layer with any objects that are different.

Pros:  Gives you an accurate difference comparison between gerbers.  If anything is different, those differences will be placed on a separate layer; so they will be easy to find.
Cons:  Processing time may take a while.

A. Load the two gerber files that you want to compare.
B. Go to menu:  Tools | Boolean Wizard | Difference...
C. For "Operand A" choose the first layer you want to compare.
D. For "Operand B" choose the second layer you want to compare against the first. Then click next.
E. We recommend changing the option "Output Polygons" to "As Triangles", because this is the fastest method FAB 3000 can offer.
F. Confirm the rest of the options and press button  Next.

If there are any differences, they will be placed on the new layer.

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