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Can I change the FAB 3000 system font for dialogs, menus, etc.? I'd prefer to use another font which is easier for me to read menu options.

The default system font for FAB 3000 is "Tahoma". Some systems such as XP or Linux may not display the Tahoma font; and instead substitute with a local font that may not fit properly in FAB 3000 dialog windows and menus.  Some people have their own personal preferences and want to use another font which is easier for them to read menu options, etc.  

Please perform the following to change the default FAB 3000 system fonts.
  1. Start FAB 3000, and go to menu: Setup | Options...
  2. Click tab "View", and select "Display System Font".
  3. Change to a more suitable TrueType font.
  4. Press OK, and restart FAB 30000.

Note: When changing the system font, it is possible for some text to no longer fit within the predefined areas (such as menus, etc.). For best fit, we recommend choosing a font with spacing similar to the default font "tahoma".
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