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STEP Conversion

I downloaded a copy of your FAB3000 software a few days ago for evaluation.  I received a set of Geber files from a customer. I was able to load the files (using autoload) into your software. As a Mechanical Engineer (working a lot with mechanical 3D models), it’s important that I can successful import output from your type of software into SolidWorks.  Do you have any worked out sample file/example (step by step tutorial) that addresses this specific concern? May be something tailored for Mechanical Engineers.
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Fortunately FAB 3000 does have a "STEP" output, which can be loaded by Solidworks and all other major 3D CAD software tools.  Please perform the following: 

1. Start FAB 3000, and import your gerbers.
2. Go to menu:  File | Export | STEP...
3. Assign layer width(s).
4. Click Next, and assign STEP file name.
5. Start your SolidWorks (or other 3D cad software) and import the STEP file.

Here's a movie tutorial showing all required steps:

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