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Installing FAB 3000 for Linux on Ubuntu

I just tried to install the Linux version of the FAB3000 V5 but it missed. I got the error message "error while loading shared libraries: No such file or directory" and it is true. The folder /lib contains only
I am using Ubuntu Linux, please advise what to do. 
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FAB 3000 is tested and built for use with RedHat Linux.  RedHat includes all the standard graphic libraries for Tiff, Jpeg, PNG, and more.

Note: To my knowledge, the Ubuntu installation typically only includes the basic packages (while paid linux distributions like RedHat and Suse typically contain everything in the installation).  Since you are using Ubuntu you will need to locate and install the standard graphic packages for libtiff, libjpeg, and libpng.  You may also need to install the Zip libraries like libzip.

Note: To confirm which library packages you will need to install for FAB 3000 to run, start a terminal window and use the command "ldd" with FAB 3000 to determine which exact library packages are missing on your system (see below for an example).

Note:  Assuming FAB 3000 is installed in the folder "/opt/FAB-3000"

ldd ./opt/FAB-3000/fab3000

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