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I am looking for a software that can take the entire DWG file and run a DRC check

We are a MEMS company and we draw features on multiple layers and multiple blocks, which are arrayed. I am looking for a software that can take the entire DWG file and run a DRC check between features on same layer... and also between layers... We are not interested in converting final product to GBR (but OK with it if we have to convert to GBR to run a DRC check).
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Thank you for contacting  us.   Yes, FAB 3000 works best when running a complete DRC check on your Gerber files.  The FAB 3000 will also work with your DWG files, however to use DWG files the FAB 3000 DRC engine requires flat data (non-hierarchy); so after DWG import you will need to first flatten the data using command (menu: Job | Flatten Job Hierarchy... and choose "All").

Here's the procedure to use to run DRC on Gerber files.
(1) Import Gerber & Drill files using AutoLoad (menu: File | Import | AutoLoad...), then select directory where the gerber files exist.
Note: FAB 3000 will load everything from that folder and immediately determine if they are gerbers, or drills.

(2) Assign layer types.  Go to layers table (menu:  Setup | Layers Table...)
Note: Gerber data does not contain layer descriptions is just X,Y coordinates & aperture shapes, so you must tell the FAB 3000 DRC engine what each layer is.  There are ways that FAB 3000 can automate this process (once you become familiar with the software).

3. Run DRC/DFM.  Go to menu: Tools | DRC/DFM | DFM Checker...
Note: Verify settings (such as spacing), and press "Next.."

FAB 3000 will now run a complete DRC/DFM check on your design. 

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