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Is there any reason why the De-Embed option in the DWG import does not seem to handle blocks properly?

I found a forum post that suggested selecting the layer and using the Edit->De-Embed tool which works but adds extras step and complication to the import process.

Blocks are special objects which only contain an insert point, orientation (rotation, mirror, etc.), and reference name; blocks can also be nested into other blocks, forming complex hierarchies. 

De-Embed's job is to simply take standard flat objects (like polygons, flashes, traces, etc.), and determine whether they should be dark or clear (depending on their locations inside other objects respectively).  DeEmbed does not transverse the hierarchy of block and try to extract objects, etc.  Thus, blocks/inserts will need to be exploded to flat objects before using DeEmbed (to work correctly).

You may either:
A. Explode your block in the AutoCAD DWG before importing to FAB 3000  or B. You may perform the De-Embedding after you have imported the DWG/DXF file.  Go to menu:  Edit | De-Embed.

We intend to keep the blocks intact in AutoCAD if possible to allow future revisions and so I have been using the "Explode All Inserts" during import.  This seems to work ok but De-Embed appears to run before the explode operation.  Could this be changed to avoid having to run the manual Edit->De-Embed operation on each layer after import?
Due to the complexities involved with incorporating de-embedding logic into a hierarchy (i.e objects contained inside inserts), only flat objects will be considered by the De-Embed engine. The same holds true for the "Join" option.

Note: During DXF/DWG import the De-Embed & Join option works per block.

There are several workarounds:

1. I understand you want to keep blocks intact in AutoCAD (which is very understandable).  I was simply suggesting that you explode the blocks in AutoCAD, then export your DWG, then undo the explode command in AutoCAD to restore you drawing (with blocks).

2. Use De-Embed command.  It is only one extra step (after DXF/DWG import) to select all objects, and then goto menu:  Edit | De-Embed...   FAB 3000 will individually de-embed all objects based on the layers they exist on.  This is a nice feature because if you have many layers, you only need to select all objects and run De-Embed once.

Note: The option "Explode All Inserts" (in DXF/DWG Import), explodes all objects after the DWG/DXF file import has been completed. You will need to check this option so you can perform De-Embedding across your entire design; or you can flatten a job anytime in FAB 3000 using command "Flatten Job Hierarchy..." (located in Job menu).

3. Create a FAB 3000 script to automate the process.  The script should only take a few lines of code to select all objects and then run De-Embed. The script would look something like this:

#include "Fab3000.h"
int main ()
    //Select All Objects
    dbSelectionSet sset;
    int nCount = sset.selectAll();
    if( nCount==0 ) return 0;

    // Perform De-Embedding
    uiToolsDeEmbed( &sset )

    return 0;

4. In AutoCAD, add a "Solid Hatch".  The solid hatch can be easily converted by FAB 3000 and contains all De-Embedding information.

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