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How do I turn “snap” off/on?

To turn snap off or on, please go to the menu:  View / Snap, and select the SNAP you prefer.
Note:  You can also quickly select the "Snap" pull-down located in the bottom/right corner of the FAB 3000 screen

Snap Off:
Choose "Snap Off" to De-Activate the snap. 
Note:  Select any snap other than "Snap Off".  Choose from Grid", Auto (Cen+End), Arc-Center, Edge, End, Object-Center, Insertion, etc..

Snap: to Grid

Cursor will snap to Grid.  

Note:  You can adjust the grid settings ( menu: Setup / Grid Settings...)  and origin (  menu:  Setup / Set Origin ).

Snap: to Center

Cursor will snap to Flash Center, Arc Center, or Circle Center.

Snap: to Edge

Cursor will snap to the closest object edge.

Snap: to End

Cursor will snap to closest object vertex.

Snap: to Object Center

Cursor will snap to the center of the object bounding box.

Snap: to Intersection

Cursor will snap to the intersection between two objects.

Snap: to MidPoint

Cursor will snap to the mid point of an object edge.

Snap: Auto (Center+End)

Cursor will snap to both Center and End of objects.

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