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Gerber and Drill layers do not align. How do I fix this?

After importing a job set using AutoLoad, the Gerbers are offset from the job origin while the drill file seems to be located at the origin. How do I select all elements and move them to 0,0?
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This is common, as many PCB CAD tools output their gerbers & drills with different origins (not sure why they do this but it's very common).  Since there is probably more gerber layers, than drill layers I would suggest that you have the drill layer align with the Gerbers; and then if you want move the entire group to 0,0.

To align the layers, goto menu:  Edit | Align Layers...
(1) Select a pad reference object on a gerber layer that also appears on the drill (such as a tooling hole, via, etc.).
(2) Select a similar pad on the drill layer.
The drill file will be automatically aligned with the gerbers. 

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