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DWG Import states invalid LWPolyline

I've successfully installed FAB 3000. I?ve tried importing the attached .dwg file into FAB 3000 and it loads up correctly even though there is an error " Invalid LWPolyline ". I've selected Polyline as truncate for both layers and made the font ariel_bold.fnt and specified that 1 DWG unit = 1 mm.
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Most likely there is an invalid zero length LW polyline (or something similiar) in the DWG that FAB 3000 has skipped.  AutoCAD will allow you to draw a zero length polyline segment, but in Gerber (and FAB 3000) it has to have sometype of length to be valid.  My guess is that if everything appears fine, than you're in good shape. If problems persist, feel free to submit a support ticket.
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